Personal Liability Insurance...

...covers you and your minor children in cases of accidental damage to a third party or their property.
In Germany, you are legally responsible for any damages caused to others by
your person. It is important to note that this is restricted not only to damages
one has personally caused but also holds for damages caused by one’s children,

by one’s pet (for which you have to purchase pet liability  insurance, it is not

included in the personal liability).


You are liable with all your present and

future estate. Income and liability claims will not be waived unless the damages in

question have been completely paid. Consequently, personal liability insurance is one
of the most important insurances one should hold when living in or travelling
to Germany.
Personal Liability insurance covers the costs of all damages you and your
children up to the age of 18 do unintentionally to others:


- Damages done unintentionally to your rented home, except for:

-  damages to glass, in  Germany this is covered with  household goods and glass insurance

-  inventory furniture and  appliances.


- Kicking a ball through a window or mowing the lawn and lawn mower throws stone

- Crossing a street without paying attention causing an accident :claim 25000.00 Euro

- Your child, while skateboarding injures another person: claim 8000.00 Euro 

- You accidently drop a valuable statue in a store while examining it: claim  3000.00 Euro

- Day care provider liability coverage

These are just a few very real examples of what happens every day.

The insurance coverage is worldwide 24/7, limit is 20 Million Euro