Third Party Liability for your dog(s)...

In Germany, you are legally responsible for any damages caused to others by your person.

It is important to note that this is restricted not only to damages one has personally caused

but also holds for damages caused by one’s children  (for which you have to purchase

Personal  Liability insurance, it is not included in the personal liability),

and by one’s pets .


You are liable for all your present and future estate.
Income and liability claims will not be waived unless the damages in question have been

completely paid. Consequently, pet  liability insurance is one of the most important

insurances one should hold when living in Germany with your pet.


Dog liability Insurance covers:


- your playful and friendly dog accidently hurts a child that teased him


-or while visiting friends he chews up their rug


- your dog dirtying some bodies clothes, biting someone or tearing up  someone’s clothes


- your dog runs across a street, driver tries to avoid it and strikes another vehicle,  


- your dog  does damages to your rented home, except for:

               - damages to glass,  in Germany this is covered with  glass insurance.

               - inventory furniture and appliances

These are just a few examples of what happens every day

The insurance coverage limit is 20 Million Euro