Business Liability Insurance

Business insurance is required for personal trainers, teachers, vendors, etc..

There are typically four types of business liability insurance,

However, only some of those can be obtained by you here in Germany.

Please feel free to contact me about your needs.

General liability insurance is the most common form. In many instances,
it is part of a larger insurance package, and provides coverage for the
above mentioned occurrences. Some liability coverage will also include
libel, slander, and/or infringement on intellectual property. Read the
fine print very carefully to determine what is and is not covered in
such a policy.

The second type of liability coverage is called professional liability
insurance, which is essential in the service industry. This type of
coverage protects professionals from personal claims against them for
errors made while they're performing their services.

The third type of coverage, which you should strongly consider if you
own a manufacturing business, is product liability insurance. This
coverage protects you if an item manufactured or developed by your company is responsible for an accident, injury, or death. From toy manufacturers to car manufacturers, there can be a significant risk of injury from the produced product.

Naturally, the type of product being manufactured would indicate how
much coverage you'd need to purchase. Safety measures in place and precautions taken are factored in when determining your premium.