I have been serving the American community since 38+ years providing

            German and Nato tariff insurance for military personnel and civilians.                

First  I should like to introduce myself:

  My name is Petra Nusbaum-Sallis and I am a licensed insurance broker,                        authorized by the
German Industrie und Handelskammer (Versicherungsmakler § 34d Abs. 1 GewO) undernumber D-4BWS-TO1BG-47.

   I have been in the insurance business for 38+ years. My husband is a retired                 MSgt  and helps me in the office.

 I am an expert concerning any and all needs regarding individual insurance coverage tend to roughly 2500 Americans here in Germany in regards to:


                                                        Vehicle insurance:


     American Auto Protector offers insurance for cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, trikes, quads and campers.


                        Our rates are extremely competitive, and our payments fixed in USD. 

                            Every policy includes free roadside assistance towing service.

                                   Our claims service is fast and efficient.


Our prices for car, motorcycle and quad insurance are extremely low    

even if  you are  under 25.

       We have a multiple vehicle system in place which relieves you 12.5% off  

               the premium for your second vehicle and 15% off of the third one.

      Our vehicle insurance coverage extends to all European countries and includes an english speaking free roadside assitance and towing service.


                                Do you need  Household Goods insurance, Building insurance,

                          Personal & Pet liability insurance, Legal insurance or Hunting insurance?


AXA is a leading insurance company in Europe and I can insure your goods through     them!

         Inform yourself and get free quotes from Germany's top insurance companies


                    No matter where you are stationed in Germany, I can assist you.



                                  Walsh Agency / Petra Nusbaum-Sallis

                                  Kaiserstrasse 6, 67661 Kaiserslautern

All business is handled by email: 

                                Email: p.nusbaum@gmx.net


                  !Closed Wednesdays and  German & American holidays!